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Swamp Magic

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Joie de vivre. Jazz trumpets. A firefly in a jar. The spunkiest swamp witch you ever saw steps foot in New Orleans. What happened to the missing kids of the Vieux Carré? Where have they gone? Dodge a pair of clumsy kidnappers and decipher mysterious oyster shell clues in this magical story about embracing big changes and finding true friends.


The Fire-BreathingSea Snake ofJellyfish Bay


Starfish wishes. Ocean treasures. A giant sea monster living offshore. A boy with the gift of sea magic carries a heavy wish in his heart. Why has the mysterious Saltwater Circus come to Jellyfish Bay? Are they sea snake hunters in disguise? Or something worse? 

Batten down the hatches and prepare to risk everything in this big-hearted tale of found family and epic friendship.

Lush Couture

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This book is in the works. Details coming soon!  

The Magic
of Little Things 

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This book is in the works. Details coming soon!  

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