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Middle Grade

The Fire-Breathing Sea Snake

of Jellyfish Bay

Batten down the hatches for a seafaring tale of friendship and magic! Twelve-year-old sea witch, Gull Wimbly, has never been very good at blending in. Despite warnings about witch hunters who might sail into port at any moment, he collects flashy nautical treasures, dives with a fire-breathing sea snake, and freely uses his magic to spice up life in his quiet coastal town. When a mysterious underwater circus shows up promising wonder and fortune, Gull is excited to meet the boss and barter for a treasure that once belonged to his papa. But the circus is hiding tentacled secrets that threaten to destroy Jellyfish Bay in unexpected ways. With sea snake captors on the prowl and a terrible storm swirling in the bay, Gull must give up his biggest starfish wish in order to protect something far more important than treasure. 

Swamp Magic

Sylvie Lanoux is a spunky, big-hearted swamp witch whose hot temper and loud ways have left her with a handful of sworn enemies and no true friends (unless you count the gators, songbirds, and mosquitoes of the bayou). When a cruel twist of fate forces her to leave swamp country and start a new life in the voodoo city of New Orleans, she's spittin' mad, and for good reason. Spooky rumors of snatchers hang over the Vieux Carré like a thick fog; her magic is exploited in a wicked pastry chef's haunted pâtisserie schemes; and when she finally makes a new friend--the first real friend she's ever had--he goes missing, leaving nothing but oyster shell clues behind. Homesick to the bone and startled by the fading light of her magic firefly, Sylvie vows to find and rescue her new friend, even if it means crossing paths with a pair of bumbling bad guys and losing her swamp magic forever. Laissez les bons temps rouler in this swamp stompin' tale of true friendship, joie de vivre, and the bumpy art of blooming where you’re planted. 

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